Hattens now offers Mediation

What is family mediation? 

It is a method of communication between each of you whether as a separated couple or separated parents.  Available to, not only married couples, but also co-habitees and same sex couples.

It can fall into three categories; children mediation, finance and property mediation or mediation that deals with all issues, even helping you come to terms with your separation.  It is not designed to reconcile your relationship, nor will you be given legal advice but it will enable you to negotiate “face to face”  about your future and the future of your children with the assistance of one of our mediators who remains a neutral third party.

Mediation is a safe place to resolve your differences.  You dictate the pace and the agenda. At the centre of the mediation will be the needs of your children and yourselves.  We can look at all the issues between you and in a confidential and purposeful way.

Why choose Hattens

Our staff are friendly & approachable

The advice given will be explained without legal jargon

Our clients best interest comes first

We have been serving the local community for over 100 years

Mediation is:

1. Voluntary – There is no pressure on you to participate, but increasingly the courts expect you to try mediation before starting any court process.  However, there are some couples that mediation may not suit such as those where there has been violence or abuse or an extreme imbalance of power.

2. Impartial – Our mediators will not express an opinion. They will not give advice but will give information and guidance where needed.

3. Confidential – Unless there are domestic abuse, child protection or money laundering

4. Your chance to make decisions for your family

5. Often quicker and cheaper than the court process and usually less acrimonious

Mediation is not: 

1. Counselling

2. Legal advice

3. Reconciliation

4. An opportunity to impose one view or perpetrate abuse

5. Uncertain

6. Legally binding

If you wish to discuss matters or receive more information