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Pre-Nuptial Agreements & Divorce….

Our family team are experienced, enthusiastic and sympathetic and will guide you through the trauma of all aspects of family breakdown. Our family team can assist you from a straight-forward to a complicated divorce and fixed fees are available. We can also advise you as to the requirements for Pre-Nuptial agreements” and the ramifications of recent court decisions in this ever-changing world


Relationship Breakdown

Our family team have accredited experts in aspects of family law including domestic abuse.  Their specialist knowledge, particularly in this area will be used to assist you in all aspects of family breakdown and the ramifications for you and your family.  Hattens also offer a family mediation service that can assist you as an alternative to Court proceedings which can often be a better option for you and your family


Arrangements for Children & Social Services

We have members of the Children Panel in our Family Team.  We can assist you in finding a legal solution that focuses on your children and what is best for you and them.  Where the Local Authority become involved with your family life we can assist you to deal with them and both pre and post court proceedings, where necessary.   We act for parents, grandparents and other family members where the need arises.

In the UK, when your time comes to an end and you die, the executors of your Estate will have to apply for Probate, and make a return and declaration of the total value of the Estate to see if Inheritance Tax is due to the Government, Her MajestyÕs Revenue & Customs. The appropriate Inheritance Tax form, in the form of a scroll with a black ribbon is shown here along with a Probate Application form. The pocket watch is set to midnight: the end of time.

Wills, Probate & Estate Planning

We have an experienced team of specialist solicitors who are on hand to help you with preparing your will, dealing with the loss of a loved one and planning for the future.

Why Choose Hattens?

Our staff are friendly, approachable and caring.

The advice given will be clearly explained without the legal jargon.

Our clients best interests always come first.

We have been serving our local community for over 100 years.

Conveyancing the sale and purchase of a property is usually carried by the legal profession. The process, amongst many things, includes searches for exact title to the land and property in question, and where the borders of the property are determined. This is shown in a large scale map format.

Conveyancing & Residential Property

With over 100 years experience in the local area we have a wealth of expertise in residential house sales, purchases, lettings and more.

Civil Litigation

Civil Litigation

Individuals can unfortunately become involved in a wide variety of disputes and these may include such things as…

mediation word written by hand on blackboard


Mediation allows couples who are separating to agree solutions for their family rather than decisions imposed upon them by a Court.  It is  usually quicker and cheaper than Court proceedings and allows you to remain in control of your future and those of your family.  It can be used for all aspects of relationship breakdown from discussing possible divorce proceedings to arrangements for the children.


Powers of Attorney & Capacity Issues

Planning for the future and the “what ifs” in life is key. Contact us today to see how we can help you pot the necessary protective measures in place.