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Whether you are looking to update an existing will, make one or simply have some questions, Hattens are happy to help.

We aim to make the process as straight forward as possible. Our highly qualified team are experienced in providing comprehensive advice that is clear and understandable. A number of our team are full members of Solicitors for the Elderly and specialise in dealing with elderly client matters. This includes offering home and care home visits so that your will can be made in an environment that is most comfortable for you.


We understand that when someone dies, whether expected or not, there are many questions you may have and the processes involved in dealing with their estate can sometimes seem overwhelming.

Our specialist team can help relieve some of the administrative burden at this difficult time. We strive to deal with matters as promptly and economically as possible. We can tailor our service and involvement to suit your individual needs and circumstances. For example we may only undertake the key legal aspects where you are happy to take on larger role as this may be a cost effective and efficient option for some.

Range of services, we can:

  • Apply for Letters of Administration (required when no will has been left)
  • Apply for Grants of Probate (where a will has been made)
  • Offer assistance in the event of a dispute, from questions of validity to claims under the I(PFDA) 1975
  • Offer help understanding the terms of a will
  • Deal with HM Revenue and Customs inheritance tax returns and estate income tax returns
  • Deal with the sale or transfer of property

Our team is on hand to advise in these difficult times and you can rest assured knowing that you are dealing with experienced Solicitors as our skills are recognised by the prestigious Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners.

Trust and Estate Planning

Trusts are commonly thought of when thinking of the very wealthy, however trusts can be of use to many.

  • They can be a useful estate planning tool
  • They can provide a means of holding both property and money for those who may not yet be ready to manage them themselves, which can include disabled person trusts
  • They can provide a relatively easy and tax efficient way of setting aside assets for future beneficiaries such as grandchildren and great-grandchildren

Estate planning can be very important. We know that it is easy to say ” I’ll worry about it later on”, when that may prove to be too late.

Planning early will enable you to make the most of the allowances available to you and avoid a potentially substantial part of your estate being eroded by income tax, capital gains tax and inheritance tax.

Sometimes effective state planning can involve no more than simply making a will (see will section above) that makes full use of the various tax reliefs available, maximising the amount to be left to your beneficiaries.

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